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About The Transfer Options Dialog

About The Transfer Options Dialog While using the UI Copy, you can see the “Transfer Option Dialog” before the transfer (download or upload) starts. All the options

WinFTP Pro – Preferences

Preferences This guide will show you the details about preferences, its uses, and the list of all the pages. The use of Preferences dialog is


The Network Page (Preferences Dialog) The option the network page can be found under the Preferences dialog. It allows you to configure the global network

Duplicate Dialog

Duplicate Dialog The Duplicate Dialog is one of the most useful options in WinFTP Pro software. In this guide, we are going to describe the


The Storage Page (Preferences Dialog) The storage page under the Preferences dialog pages makes the user able to configure and specify where and how the

Authentication Progress


WinFTP Pro – Authentication Progress WinFTP Pro software understands the format of the PuTTY keys, so to begin with, you must follow the procedure to


The Transfer Page (Preferences Dialog) The Transfer Page under the Preferences Dialog allows the users to configure all the default transfer settings and the transfer


The Updates/Statistics Page (Preferences Dialog) The Updates/Statistics page option can be seen under the Preferences Dialog of WinFTP Pro software. This option will help you


The Window Page (Preferences Dialog) The window page is a sub-page of Preferences Dialog. This window page helps you to configure the display options of


Generate Session URL/Code/Transfer Code Dialog The ui_generateurl is useful if you want to generate the session URL, file, or code template, use the dialog “Generate