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Transfer Settings Preset Editor


Transfer Settings Preset Editor If you are using the command transfer preset, it will show you the “Transfer Settings Preset Editor” dialog. Therefore, while you


Main Window (Explorer Interface) This option under the main window called Explorer Interface or explorer interface is basically looked like the Windows Folders or Windows

page connection


The Connection Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog) The Connection Page appears under the Advanced Site Settings dialog. Using this page’s option, you can configure the


The FTP Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog) This post will brief you about the FTP option. The FTP page can be seen on the Advanced


The S3 Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog) While using WinFTP Pro, the S3 page/option can be seen under the Advanced Site Settings dialog. The S3

Editor Preferences Dialog


Editor Preferences Dialog The Editor Preference dialog is useful to set up or modify the pages of editor preference. The Editor Preference dialog can be


Server and Protocol Information Dialog In this ui_fsinfo post, we will see how the Server and Protocol Information Dialog work. In this dialog, you will see all


Find Dialog The find option helps the users to find the files on WinFTP Pro software. It has the three main usages, where the users


Custom Command Editor How to use the Editor custom editor command, here are the steps This “Custom Command Editor” dialog is available, while you are